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The UK’s only pure-bred Rocky & Kentucky Mountain Horse stud farm

Who We Are

A family-run stud farm, set in the peaceful pastures of Yorkshire, we believe passionately in breeding high quality Rocky Mountain Horses - a breed quite unlike any other. Naturally easy going, Mountain horses are versatile, highly intelligent, docile, easily trained, and possessing the smoothest of gaits. We are honoured to be custodians of this spectacular breed and to share our lives with them.


Along with our stud service, we also run gaited horse clinics, where you can ride our horses and receive lessons from some of the best gaited horse instructors in the USA and Europe.

Why Choose a Mountain Horse?

If you are searching for your perfect soulmate to suit any ability - easy going, dependable and sensible - stunningly beautiful, and with the smoothest of gaits, then look no further. Come and meet the Golden Retrievers of the horse world - there really is nothing that can come close to a Mountain Horse. 

Our Ethos

First and foremost, we are a family - and that’s how we treat our horses. We are committed to the highest standards, meticulously choosing the bloodlines of our very special mares and fillies with a view to producing stock of the highest quality. When you choose to breed a horse with us, we offer a highly personalised experience from the moment you make your first visit. 

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Choosing your foal

We pride ourselves in taking the time to introduce our horses to you in person so you can choose the perfect parents for your future foal, or to choose from any available stock we may have at any given time.


The majority of our sales are for in utero foals, and accordingly, we do our very best to have your physical or virtual presence during the birth of your foal, and can visit as many times as possible during their first year, before they are ready for their new homes. Cameras are installed in our foaling boxes, and foaling alarms fitted. Mare and foal safety is paramount and we have experienced reproductive vets on call throughout the foaling season.


We offer comprehensive and fair contracts allowing our in utero customers to spread their payments up to almost two years, from the moment the foals are open for reservation at 65 days’ gestation, up to their departure as yearlings a full year and nine months later.

Come and see us

Until you’ve met a Mountain Horse, it’s hard to imagine a more biddable breed. We do not sell to people who haven’t visited the stud, as our horses will vet all potential purchasers with love, affection and demands for cuddles. They truly have to be seen to be believed.


We are open year-round by appointment for the full Rocky experience and choose your perfect partner, or begin the process of breeding your own dream horse. Get in touch with us to arrange a visit. 

Stud Service

We currently stand four Rocky Mountain Horses at stud, as well as a warmblood x Kentucky Mountain sports horse. Frozen semen is held in the UK both at Stallion AI in Shropshire and Equine Reproductive Services in Yorkshire.


For our European clients, frozen semen has been exported to Equitechnic in France and from there can be shipped quickly and easily to any European destination.

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Gaited Clinics

We also run gaited horse clinics, where you can ride some of our horses and receive lessons from some of the best gaited horse instructors in the USA and Europe.

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