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Secret was our very first Rocky, and justifiably boasts the title of foundation mare, as well as being one of our most popular horses.

With her active gait, Secret is truly a joy to ride. She is as fearless as she is sweet and loving, and has been a nanny horse to more flighty sports horses since she was 3 years old.

My favourite lasting memory of Secret was hacking out with her and having a sparrow not only fly out of a hedge right next to her, but then have it fly directly into her neck! She took all this with her customary nonchalant attitude, and continued on with minimal fuss,

Secret has taken part in pleasure rides as well as competitive Endurance GB/ Pony Club endurance with my daughter Chloe, being placed 3rd in her region in 2021.

Secret is expecting a colt in 2023, already reserved.


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